Hannah is a financial force. She is the founder and director of enableMe - Financial Personal Trainers, a Chartered Accountant, a Master of Taxation Studies, Author, TV Personality and Mum of two.

When she was aged 27 she worked with a tutor at the University of Auckland to create an eight page calculus formula to structure one’s mortgage debt to pay her mortgage off as quickly as possible with maximum flexibility to live a life you enjoy. She called this formula ‘mortgage optimisation’, then she patented this formula. The formula would work if you were a natural saver, or at the very least have money left over in each pay packet. But for Hannah, its benefit wasn’t quite as obvious, as she has often described herself as a “shopper” and a natural ‘fritterer’.

Hannah went on a journey to understand how a shopper could get ahead, because spending less than she earned, while valid, didn’t come naturally or hold much appeal unless she was going to get a result that compelled her to try. She interviewed, researched, and refined a process to maximise the financial output for every morsel of input or effort. Her team have worked with thousands of clients over the years, honing her methodology to be able to help all clients get ahead faster, whether they have a mortgage or not, irrespective of their psychology of spending, whether they are in business or employed, are starting out, or wanting to retire.

Smart people do dumb things with money, the financially literate don’t always get ahead, and hard working people don’t always make the progress they should. Hannah wants to change this as she knows first hand that when you are in control of your money, you are in control of your life.

Hannah is a working mum, of two cute (but often naughty) children. She lives in Auckland and is married to Billy.