Creating Financially Independent Kids

To be financially successful, our kids will have to fight harder than us for the privilege. Two generations ago you just had to spend less than you earn, work hard and you would be okay in the end. Nowadays spending less than you earn, while noble, usually translates to little progress being made and usually a whole lot of dissatisfaction.

Our kids are swimming in an outgoing tide but the financial techniques being taught to them haven’t evolved with time. They are not equipped to navigate through the different financial currents. Our kids need to be better, but they are not taught how, and disappointingly are on track to be worse off than the generation before them.

Over the last 2 years Hannah has interviewed hundreds of kids, teenagers and parents to understand what is disadvantaging our kids and how to get around the obstacles that hinder financial progress.

She has developed a model for diagnosing your kids financial tendencies from as young as six and setting them on a course to be the best they can be before they leave home. Genetics plays a role, just as some of us are born with a fast metabolism, others slow, some kids will find it easier to spend money than save. Some kids are more generous than others and this could be an obstacle or opportunity depending on its application. Each age group and gender must master different skills and a wealthy mindset to ensure they don't have a serious case of "failure to launch". From pocket money to property, savings to student loans, giving and taking, gender advantage and bias, money underpins everything.

In this impactful 75 min event, Hannah will explain why this generation is more disadvantaged than the last and how this problem is going to have an impact on your ability to plan for your own retirement. She will discuss her research and findings. Most importantly she will share with you her strategies to help you create financially independent kids to increase the odds of their financial success.